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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,is Liberia's first elected female president, as well as the first elected female leader on the continent.  On November 23, 2005, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was declared the winner of the Liberian election and confirmed as the country's next president. Her inauguration, attended by the likes of the former First Lady Laura Bush and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, took place on Monday, January 16, 2006.


The Temple Of Justice Building - Monrovia, Liberia

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There are 16 ethnic groups that make up Liberia's indigenous population. The Kpelle in central and western Liberia is the largest ethnic group. Americo-Liberians who are descendants of freed slaves that arrived in Liberia early in 1821 make up an estimated 5% of the population.

There also are sizable numbers of Lebanese, Indians, and other West African nationals who make up a significant part of Liberia's business community. The Liberian constitution restricts citizenship only to people of Negro descent; also, land ownership is restricted by law to citizens.

Liberia was traditionally noted for its hospitality and academic institutions, iron mining and rubber industry booms, and cultural skills and arts and craft works. But political upheavals beginning in the 1980s and the brutal 14-year civil war (1989-2003) brought about a steep decline in the living standards of the country, including its education and infrastructure.  

Family relationships

The concept of family is different in Liberia compared to most countries like the United States, Europe, Canada etc. Most Liberian have extended families not just consist of a mother and father. The extended families, include aunts, uncles, cousins, and a number of other relatives who would be considered "distant relations" in context of the nuclear family.


Time Punctuality

Most Liberians are not very puncture in terms of social activies.  (When most Liberians invite you to a party and says the party starts at 8 PM, presumably what we are actually saying the party starts at 10 pm).  Remember not all Liberians, but a sufficient number of Liberians do have a problem arriving exactly at the time appointed.


Social Matters

It is ok to just show up at someone's house without prior appointment or invitation.  Unexpected visits are acceptable.  Liberians are God-fearing, fun, loving, caring, and strong people.



Most people work five days a week, typically Monday - Friday during the day.  Saturday and Sunday is consider the weekend and fun time.  Most soical activities, sports and non-work related outings are scheduled during the weekend, e.g., a soccer match, night clubbing, and going to the movie.  Many people also use the weekend to do household work like cleaning, going to the market, and visitng friends and relatives.






The state-run broadcaster, LBS, operates a radio service.

BBC World Service broadcasts in Monrovia on 103 FM.

The press


  • Clar TV - private
  • Power TV - private
  • Real TV - private


  • Liberian Broadcasting System (LBS) - state-run
  • Star Radio - FM and shortwave station, operated in partnership with Swiss-based Hirondelle Foundation
  • UNMIL Radio - operated by United Nations mission
  • Kiss FM - private, Monrovia
  • Radio Veritas - Catholic
  • ELWA - Christian
  • Sky FM - private, Monrovia

News agency

  • Liberian News Agency